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Why we love New Zealand!

If there's one region that continues to impress us at the moment it's New Zealand.

Pound for pound there are few places that deliver exceptional quality without breaking the bank.

At the moment we have our mywinespace spies pottering around various vineyards in New Zealand gathering info to report back to our followers after Christmas.

We'll be covering the old Kiwi faithfuls while showing this region is more than a 2 trick pony.

Follow us on Twitter @mywinespace for some sneak previews...

mywinespace is evolving...


Times are a-changing and so are we. Our mission remains the same in that we want to help people progress from being wine drinkers to being wine lovers through sharing our knowledge and experience but we want to do it better.

What does this mean? A new website and more frequent content releases that are of interest and relevance but in keeping with our style which is fun, interesting and occasionaly slightly irreverent...

We're working hard under the hood to bring you our new look and feel so website updates will be infrequent while this is ongoing but do follow us on Twitter @mywinespace as we'll still be busy tweeting!

See you soon!




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