We're back!

To all our fellow lovers and wannabe lovers of wine, it's so lovely to be back.

For anyone following our website, you'll note that not much had happened with our magazine. Despite being award winning (pardon the minor boast) as a project which is effectively done solely as a about of love, it was't sustainable and meant that it took to long to compile and didn't allow us to release content on the fly.

So we've decided instead to change direction and post content on the site as and when it happens. Our aim remains unchanged; helping people understand more about wine to help them become wine lovers confident in their ability to understand and navigate through different wines, regions, etc. but all done in a light hearted way. This is not meant to be like going to school!

So we hope you enjoy our new site. We're probably going to tweak it as we go and we figure out what is and isn't working but any feedback is welcome.