Get off chardonnays case, and get on to a case of chardonnay.

There’s a crime happening in your country, in your town, probably in your kitchen. Many of the people you know are chardonnayism. Hell, you might be guilty of it yourself. As is often the case of many ‘ism’s’, ignorance is to blame for this hate crime against one of the most widely planted white grape varieties on the planet.

Without wishing to exacerbate on any hate crimes, the finger can be pointed fairly squarely at the Aussies as one of the main reasons for this loathing of Chardonnay. Those big gloupy buttery examples that graced the supermarket aisles c15 years ago were more like alcoholic olive oil than anything resembling a pleasant and elegant drink to accompany some fancy fish dish. Many have suffered and few have forgotten the experience.

But this was not wine, just like Crossroads was not really television. It’s time to open your mind and your palate and experience the wonder of what good chardonnay is like.

The catalyst for my rant is a very delicious French white Burgundy that is tickling my senses and tantalising my taste buds in the most amazing way. Yes, the wine is a little rich (very little!) but this is balanced with a hint of citrus acidity and a delicious long finish with a nutty edge (like many of my friends). This wine is elegant, not sickly. And it is Chardonnay.

I admit I was very much in the ABC camp (Anything But Chardonnay) but thanks to my very good friend, the very wise Holly, I have seen the light. 

So don’t listen to UKIP or any other crazy folk who try and talk you out of trying Chardonnay again. Chardonnay is not stealing your jobs and your women nor is it the reason for petty crime in your City Centre. Instead, check out our knowledge section about Chardonnay including some excellent examples to try.