Rogue Vine Granda Itata Blanco, Itata, Chile, £16.70, Honest Grapes

You may remember that we did a blog post on the relatively new online wine folk Honest Grapes recently where we tested out their Taste Lab as a way to get a better understanding of the wines you like. You can refresh your memory here:

Based on the results of our test, this is the first of the wines they recommended. What I love about this already is that this is not a wine I would have ever picked myself. Did they pick well?

In summary, most definitely yes. This is a really interesting wine that pulls together lots of the pieces that I like from other wines. The aroma is very floral and the wine is fresh on the palate with delicate and elegant citrus flavours followed by some peach and a very subtle touch of honey. All in all this is a delicious wine that reminds of of a cross between a New World rich Pinot Gris with a subtle ting of Sauvignon Blanc and a hint of New World Chardonnay complexity - a lot going on for this price point.

A great opening pick by Honest Grapes - would definitely buy this wine again.

8 / 10