Definition, Pinot Noir, Marlborough, New Zealand, Majestic, £15.99 (offer £11.99)

Another example from Majestic's new own label wine offering, this is a lovely example of a rich and complex Kiwi wine.

Rather than the more common sour cherry style, this is silky with raspberry and dark cherry aromas. 

Rich and delicious, this was more savoury and complex than many other examples at a similar price point.


9 / 10

Brancott Estate, Pinot Noir, Terroir Series, Ocado, £15

An interesting mid priced New Zealand Pinot Noir from Ocado. 

This is a premium end wine for this New Zealand producer. This range is focussed on trying to produce wines with a real expression of 'place' - highlighting the differences that can arise due to where the grapes are grown.

This ruby colour wine lacked the typcal sour cherry aromas and flavours typically found in Marlborough Pinot but instead had more cranberry and blackberry aromas. Flavour of red fruits with delicate vanilla on the finish.

7 / 10

Quintay Grand Reserve Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir, Ocado, £9.50

We are always suspicious of sub £10 pinot noir (making good pinot is a difficult and expensive process!) but this is a good effort.

Ruby colour with cherry, blackberry and spice aromas.

On the palate this has flavours of juicy cherry, strawberry, black fruit and spice with nice length.

Very drinkable Pinot for the price.

8 / 10.


Quintay, Pinot Noir, 2013, Chile, Ocado, £8.32

Had this at a recent BBQ and was suspicious of a Pinot at this price point (though with noting that the original price was £12.49).

Rich purple in colour with slightly sweet blackberry fruit. Hint of spice and love length. Great value for money.

If you like a lighter style but still with dark fruit flavours, this is for you.