The Society Exhibition, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 2014, The Wine Society, £18

Anyone who reads out site, blog or tweets will know that we are big fans of the Wine Society, and with very good reason.

This latest offering that we have sampled is produced and bottled by the wonderful Frog's Leap winery In Rutherford, California. Personally these are one of our favourite producers for the quality of the wine and their wonderfully amusing history that you can read here: The Story of Frogs Leap

But back to the Wine Society wine! If you like a bigger, brazen wine style, this is lush. I appreciate that £18 might be a lot for a bottle but you get an awful lot for your money - this beats many Napa wines I've tasted priced well north of £50.

Cassis is definitely what comes to mind with aroma and flavour. It's also got lovely black fruit, a hint of spice and some vanilla. Rich and lush, it all comes together fantastically and put a highe smile on our faces. We will be drinking this again. And again.

9.5 / 10

Carlisle, Russian River Valley Zinfandel, 2010, USA, Noel Young Wines, £26

For those of you who have had Zinfandel before, you may have experienced wine which is sickly sweet and gloopy like a slightly watered down jar of blackcurrant jam, while having a kick like a mule with alcohol north of 15%. Elegant as an episode of Geordie Shore...

Well, for those of you who like a big wine but are find of the enamel on your teeth, here is a Zin which is big and bold and does have a bit of a kick (15.7% alcohol to be precise) but does have a lot more refinement than Donald Trump. This is rich with slightly sweet blackcurrant flavours balanced by a pleasant and gentle warm edge and well integrated tannins.

7 / 10 

Hedges CMS Washington State 2012, The Wine Society, £11.95

This was quite a delicious moorish Autumnal wine from the Wine Society.

This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz has gorgeous blackcurrant and blueberry fruit flavours, savoury and quite underpriced for a wine of this quality. This tasted more like a £15-20 bottle.

Soft and elegant this wine doesn't need any food; good company and a roaring fire will do. We will be buying more of this!

8 / 10.