Are you a Mary Poppins or a Mr. Hyde??

Before you open that next bottle of wine and over-indulge yourself, do you know what kind of drunk you are?

The Corrs were caught without their makeup on a night out in Dublin.

The Corrs were caught without their makeup on a night out in Dublin.

Before we proceed can we point out that we are in no way encouraging intoxicating behaviour! [Health and safety point - tick].

In fact, the categorisation of types of drunk people was the subject of a scientific study in the US. The University of Missori-Columbia studied 4 distinctive personalities when people became drunk.

The Mary Poppins Drunkards are friendly, cooperative, compassionate and agreeable. This category made up 15% of the sample and was female dominant.

The Mr Hyde Drunks become less conscientious and intellectual and also less agreeable with an increased propensity to spend the night at the pleasure of her Majesty. Memory blackouts are also common. Worryingly 23% of the drinkers fell (no pun intended) into this unsociable category.

The Nutty Professor category was male dominant and made up 20% of the overall sample. People in this category showed significantly higher extroversion with a decline in conscientiousness.

The Hemingway category was the most popular category with over 40% of people who displayed very little decrease in intellect and are considered 'reliable'.