Pinot Noir can save your life

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I adore Pinot. I am definitely a Pinot-groupie. I don't believe there is another wine out there that tantalises the senses quite like it.

What's my desert island drink? Definitely a bottle of Pinot though whether it's from Old World France or New World USA / New Zealand will be dependant on who is picking up the tab.

Many of you will have seen (or heard of) the movie Sideways. It was a movie that caused the sale of Pinot to skyrocket while castrating the Merlot market with one (unjustified) line in the movie. Not an Oscar winner but worth a view with a pizza and a nice bottle of vino.

This weekend in the Guardian there was a very interesting article about the author: "I was ready to shoot myself - then I found Pinot Noir". Nice to see there is another avid fan of the grape though I think he may be taking things to a whole new level...