Definition, Chardonnay, France, 2014, Majestic, £12.99 (offer £9.74)

Part of Majestic's newly introduced own label wines, this is a Chardonnay that will turn the head of even the most militant ABC* drinker.

Rich without being too buttery, this has aromas of apple and brioche.

Favours of apple, pear and toast are pretty damn yummy and the flavour hangs around for some time. There is a little citrus bite which balances the richness well. 

8 / 10

* ABC - Anything But Chardonnay

Dourthe Reserve Montagne Saint Emilion, Waitrose, £8.40 (offer)

This rich French red is a great companion wine for hearty Autumnal grub.

Produced in Saint Emilion, which is one of the better red wine areas of Bordeaux in France where Merlot is generally the dominant red varietal.

This rich warming wine has blackberry and blueberry fruit flavours with some cedar and leather. Great value at this discounted price. 


Paul Mas, Viognier, 2014, Majestic, £9.99

Bright gold colour. Bright floral perfume aromas with some notes of peach. Rich but with nice freshness, some tropical fruit and white peach and hint of vanilla and honey on the end. Complex, very pleasant.

If you like the slightly fuller bodied whites and are not a fan of the trendy acidic Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs, this is a good one for you to try.